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DATES:  1 March thru 31 March 2014

 FISHING:  This tournament is an ACGFA Boat tournament. Boats must be registered to a ACGFA member in good standing, however anglers are not required to be ACGFA members.  Federal, State, County fishing laws, apply to each angler on board boats that choose to compete in this tournament. There are no weather days.

 SAFETY:  SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST.  Safety is paramount.  Captains are responsible for the safe and legal operation of their boats at all times.

 QUALIFYING FISH:  Fish eligible for this tournament are all ACGFA Offshore species: AFRICAN POMPANO, AMBERJACK, BLACK SEA BASS, COBIA, DOLPHIN, KING MACKEREL, GROUPER (BLACK & GAG), GROUPER (OTHER), RED SNAPPER, SNAPPER (OTHER), SPANISH MACKEREL, SPADE FISH, TRIGGERFISH, TRIPLE TAIL, TUNA, & WAHOO. NOTE: Some species may not be in season. Fish must be caught on hook and line, and landed in whole condition.  Fish must be of legal length, bag, possession, and meet all State and Federal laws. The club minimum limits do NOT apply.  Weighing in of a fish that are out of season or not of legal limits will result in disqualification from the tournament.

 RADIO - CHECK OUT/IN: Since this tournament is over an extended period of time, VHF radio will not be monitored.  Captains are reminded that they should have an operational VHF radio on board their boat for safety.  Many ACGFA members monitor VHF channels 68 & 72.  Checkout and check-in do not apply in the normal sense for this tournament.

 WEIGH IN:  Eligible fish can be weighed at the normal locations.  Anglers are responsible for proper preparation and mailing of each ACGFA weigh card.  Non-ACGFA members should mark NO for “Member”on the weigh card.  In order for fish to count in the tournament, each card must be plainly marked “OFFSHORE SPRING KICKOFF”.  Weigh cards must be postmarked no later than 7 calendar days after the fish is weighed, and mailed to ACGFA, P.O. Box 2001, St. Augustine, FL  32085-2001.

 AWARDS:  100 points will be awarded for the heaviest; 75 points for second; 50 points for third and 25 points for fourth heaviest fish in each category.  The point system will decide the top three Boats for this tournament who will be awarded certificates and cash prizes based on number of Boats entered.  Also the winning Boat (if a registered ACGFA member and is on board) will be awarded 100 points which count for Offshore Boat-of-the-Year. In case of a tie, date and time of weigh-in shown on the weigh card will decide the winner of the tie.  If two cards have same date of weigh-in and one card does not indicate time of weigh-in, the card with the time entered wins. 

 ENTRY FEE:  Anglers and boats must be registered not later than March 1st. Entry fee is $25.00 per boat. There is a ten-boat minimum for this tournament.

 TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN:  Contact Robert Olsen (904) 808-8801 after 3pm or email at dokrat@comcast.net to enter or if you have any questions. The Tournament Chairman will settle Protest; the Tournament Chairman’s decision is final.