A "Blooper" is something a ACGFA club member did while engaged in a fishing, boating, or club related activity. No statutes of limitation except they must be an ACGFA member when the act was committed.. Awards are approved by the "Blooper Committee"

The very first "Blooper" was awarded to Jim Blalock. He was Black Drum fishing in the inlet with C.J. Swindull and Don Power. Jim was fishing with a brand new rod (that he built) and reel. After catching several fish, they were eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and fishing at the same time. Jim had a bite while holding the rod in his right hand and a chicken leg in his left. He set the hook and grabbed the rod with his (now greasy) left hand. "Splash" was the sound of the rod and reel as it slipped out of his hand and hit the water. Rumor has it that the drum was caught several days later with the rod and reel still attached. C.J. Swindull and Talmage Skinner invented and presented the first "Blooper Award" a "beautiful" old rusty rod and reel on driftwood with a KFC box attached.

Do you have a candidate for a "Blooper"? Tell a Board member, Jim Blalock or send it with a short description to the ACGFA. or mail to: 

P.O. Box 2001

St. Augustine, FL 32085

If you you have a picture and would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.


Click on the link below for the "Blooper" Award and the "facts" that earned it: (As of 9/17/2013)

Justin Jarriel (4) 2013

Steven Blalock 2012

Kevin Whitfield 2012

Donna Frantz 2012

Justin Jarriel (3) 2012

Joel Cunningham 2012

Ronnie Liles (3) 2012

Mark Hagen (2) 2011

Richie Van Kirk 2011

Rusty Russell (2) 2011

Chip Whitfield 2011

Leroy Kinlaw (2) 2011

Mike Colee 2010

Shawn Edwards 2010

Regina Schofield 2010

Joey Mickler 2009
Dillon Drury 2008

List of Bloopers from 2002 and 2003 includes James Manucy, Chris Acosta, Pam Drury, Rusty Russell, Carl Pecora, Ken Olivera, Dick Newton, Dale Horton, and Jim Blalock (Click here to view them)